Collected Gardens

Collected Gardens

I am inspired by the natural world around me. As an urban artist, the adventure of being in a “wild place” is always alluring yet it is the world outside my door that offers a readily accessible place to begin and to work from. My previous body of work, Desire for Arcadia dealt with the dichotomy of wanting to be immersed in the untouched natural world yet my daily experience is of an urban dweller with a small garden to explore and tend to. While I might like to explore distance and exotic places, I have worked from what is accessible and available to me, that of my own backyard.

As a counter point to Etymology of a Flower, I have placed the particular specimen plants back into the context of a garden through a series of collaged or constructed images that allude to a garden setting. The vantage point of Collected Gardens  is up close and personal, imagining a place of verdant beauty, a place that can only be inhabited by the imagination. These fabricated compositions present a seductive and highly tactile environment: a hyper-real garden.

Prints are unframed, unmounted and have a 2” white border, ready for framing

Collected Garden Series is available as an edition of one plus an artist proof at 40 x 32″.

Technical Details: K3 Ultrachrome Pigment on Acid Free Cotton Rag